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Chronicles of Lori’s Slim Down Journey – 2nd week

OK, something isn’t right!  Maybe I’m just not doing something right?  I weighed myself yesterday, it being my second week watching what I eat, drink and exercise and I still am up the same 1/2 pound!  Damnit!

Now, I know that I didn’t exercise like I did last week, I also really watched the desserts that I was subjected to.  I drank less alcohol during the week, but I did splurge on Thursday and had a margarita with lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  I was very careful to only have a handful of chips with salsa, and I ordered an open faced burrito which had no cheese in it.  I did however eat about half of the re-fried beans.  That is a serious downfall.  Mexican food is really hard when you are watching your weight.  You have the tortilla chips, the alcoholic drink, the beans with cheese on top.  If I had ordered a tostada instead of the burrito it would have come with cheese, a fried shell that I would have been tempted to eat, etc.

During the week I had a tough time getting my butt out of the house to go for a walk.  I don’t know why?  Some days it was too hot, but other days it was very nice.  Poor Elmer, (my dog) would really love it if I would take him out everyday. 

I found myself craving chocolate the other day so I took a half handfull of chocolate chips.  I ate them very slowly and that seemed to satisfy my urge.

I think what I’m figuring out is that I eat too much at each sitting.  We went to a lecture the other night in Berkeley with Michael Pollan the author of the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

He had some very funny and practical things to say about trying to eat right and buying the wrong foods (processed) in the grocery store.  One thing that stood out that he said, is that “Americans eat until they are full, but French people eat until they are no longer hungry.”  If you think about that, it’s is a big difference.  So my goal this week is to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry as opposed to when I’m full.  I need to shrink my stomach, I need to exercise and drink more water.