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Happiness is: Becoming a Grandmother

Happiness is:  Becoming a Grandmother

Elliana Nita= Lots of dark hair, puffy big cheeks, beautiful full lips, long fingernails and everything else perfect.  That is my brand new granddaughter.  My first grandchild and a girl to boot!  Raising two fantastic sons, always wishing I could have had that girl… I finally got my wish.

The call came at 4:55 a.m. on April 29th.  The original plan was that Brandon and Kim would call us as they were on their way to the birthing center.  And then call us after she was born.  But as things turned out, by the time they realized that they were in real labor things progressed too fast and less than 6 hours from the beginning to the end Elliana was born.

                                                                            Elliana Nita 6 Days Young

Once we got the call and
got most of the details we cried with joy.  We got our day in order so
we could drive up to see our new angel.  Brandon and Kim came home to
their house about 6 hours after Elliana was born.  We gave them a
little bit of space to get settled and maybe have a nap before us
getting there.

We arrived and found Elliana in the arms of her grandfather Lou (Kim’s dad) so we just starred at her for the longest time.  The kids were exhausted but on an adrenaline rush.  They visited with us and Kim and the baby disappeared every so often when she went to nurse her.  Everything was so new.  Finally the changing table was used, the beautiful bassinet that Grandpa Lou made was being used and our arms for holding her were being used.

It was a beautiful day with the Elliana Nita, her parents and her two sets of grandparents enjoying the miracle of life.