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Becomming a Grandmother Pt. 2

O.K. so I’m pretty new at this.  All these years when my friends were having kids and I thought I was in “training” to become a grandmother, it’s nothing compared to the real thing!  The love I have for this 10 1/2 pound little baby is amazing!  I think about her all the time, wondering what new thing she is discovering or doing this day.  I’ve been able to see her about every other weekend.  It’s incredible how much they develop and change in such a short time.  Her personality is starting to show, she is smiling and cooing and starting to discover her hands and feet.  I just have to show you a picture so you can compare Elliana from her first day in this world to the picture on her 7 week visit.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do.  I’ll keep you posted!

                   Elliana Birth Day                                                   Elliana 7 Weeks Old