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Winning Results in ViciVino’s Anniversary Wine Haiku Contest

We had a really great response to our wine haiku contest in May.  We were celebrating ViciVino’s 1-year anniversary and thought it would be great to share the joy with everyone.  We had over 80 entries and ended up with 3 top winners, and 3 honorable mention winners.

The top three winners were awarded a bottle of “Haiku” blend wine, donated by Cinquain Cellars of Paso Robles. also donated a wine bottle carrier, a wine journal and a wine bottle opener. 

Below, I’m going to list the winners in the order from 1st place through the honorable mentions.  I wanted to once again thank Thea Dwelle for being our guest judge.  I think she did a great job ciphering through all the entries! 

      Thea and Lori in SF

For a complete list of all the entries go here.

Top Three Winners

#1 – Louise Brandt, CA
deep roots in hard clay
rugged vines crookedly stretch
perspiring ruby drops

#2 – P.J. Veber, SC
golden wine moonrise
through the grapevines curled tendrils
warms the throat and soul

#3 – Elizabeth DeHoff, CA
hardy vines, their grapes
reach toward the nourishing light
plump with potential

Honorable Mention

#1 – Elizabeth DeHoff, CA
Bacchus legacy
Poured out splashing in a glass
Bliss unbound by time

#2 – Jean Wilson, NC
vines arch toward the sun
barrels wait for ripe nectar
glasses stand empty

#3 – Keith A. Simmonds, France
pink glow of sunlight
shimmering in my wine glass
a full-bodied taste

I hope you enjoyed our contest as much as we did.  Keep your eyes open for another one coming near the end of the year.