Earthquake in Napa

The headline this morning for the San Francisco Chronicle was “Wake Up Call.” We, like more than 1 million residents of the Bay Area, were awakened at 3:20am Sunday by the ground doing its shaking thing once more. This was the third earthquake of 6.0 or larger that we’ve experienced first hand. Thankfully, no one in our circle of family and friends has been hurt in any of them; just some property damage. And this one was not so bad at all, from our perspective 40 miles away. One of our sons lost power for a few hours was about the worst of it.

From the perspective of the people living a lot closer to the epicenter, this was not so easy. Our thoughts are with the people whose houses were damaged, or even red-tagged, and with those whose businesses lost so much. Our thoughts are also with those injured during the earthquake.

Most of all, our thoughts are with our friends and family. This was another reminder that lives can change quickly, and out of our control. So we take a deep breath, and try again not to take every day for granted, to treasure our time with those we love.

We hope our readers are all well, and hope that the next time you lift a glass, your toast will be To Life!


Lori and Larry

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