First Annual Family Outing at the Ballpark

we met our kids and grandchildren at the Oakland A’s baseball park.   Surprisingly we all got there
within 3 minutes of each other. 
Brandon, Kim, Elliana (3) and Eden (2 ½ months) were driving down from
Santa Rosa and so were Jacob, Brittany and Zinnia (5 months). 

        Eden, Elliana and Zinnia tailgating at the A’s Game

The three cars parked so we had a
parking spot in between the cars to lay down blankets and put out folding
chairs.  We got there 2 hours
before the game so we could have a serious tailgating party.  The boys and Elli played some catch
with a football while the girls talked and nursed the babes.  The first thing I pulled out of our
playmate was the sangria Larry had made the day before.  (See recipe below).  Brandon had brought a bottle of Armida 
Pinot Grigio, and of course there was beer. 


Jacob got
his little gas bbq going and then on went the English Bangers and foil packets
of red and green peppers and red onions. 
After a bit we had a feast of homemade salsa and chips, a corn and tomato
salad with homegrown grown basil and the bangers with the grilled veggies and


After we
had plenty to eat and drink it was time to pack it up and head on over to the
ballpark.  This was Eden and Zinnia’s first baseball game.  Elliana has been to a baseball game every summer since she has been born, and this was her second A’s game this year.  The sun had broken
through the fog so the temperature was perfect, in the high 60’s and
sunny.  We got there during the
first inning, which wasn’t very good. 
The A’s pitcher gave up 4 runs in the first inning!  But afterwards he calmed down and we
got some runs and the A’s ended up winning 10-6! 

                     Zinnia with her Daddy at her first ballgame

I bought some Cracker Jacks for Elliana to enjoy.  She also enjoyed a soft pretzel and
some dipping dots ice cream.  You
just have to keep on feeding the kids food so they stay somewhat occupied.  The kids and grandkids made it through
the 7th inning stretch. 
Then they left and went home. 
We however saw some friends who were in the same section as us, just a
few rows down from us so we sat with them through the end of the game.


I can’t
wait to do this again next year! 
Maybe Giants ticket prices wont be as expensive as they were this year
and we can go to a Giants game.  We
will see?!


Larry’s Sangria Recipe


5 plums, coarse diced

3 oz blackberries (about
half of the usual plastic basket) cut in half

Same amount of
grapes,  cut in half

1 bottle of Zinfandel (we
used 2011 Saucelito Canyon Vineyards Zinfandel “Backroads”, from Edna

½ cup triple sec

½ cup apple cider

1 shot of peach brandy


Place everything into a
pitcher, stir and refrigerate until ready to serve.


To serve:  Spoon out fruit into each cup, then
pour the wine ½ way up the glass. 
Pour sparkling water to ¾ way up the glass and add 1-2 ice cubes.  Drink.  Serves 6-8 oz glasses. 





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