Ceviche and Margaritas; Corn and Zucchini

I think I could live on ceviche and margaritas.  I’ve come close to trying, when Lori and I have spent time in Mexico, and I’m pretty sure I could do it.  Definitiely would be fun to try!

As you might have guessed by now, I’ve been thinking about ceviche and margaritas lately, so when I found out that our younger son and his wife and their 2 month old (Jacob and Brittany and Zinnia) were coming over for dinner, and that it was my responsibility for making dinner because Lori would be out of town until the night before, well … ceviche and margaritas.  But other people might need more than just that, so I went searching for something that would complement those flavors.  I found a recipe I had cut out of the San Francisco Chronicle 3 years ago for Peruvian-Style Corn and Zucchini.  A little bit of adding my own touches, and there we had what should have been a nice dinner.  

Well, it was a nice dinner.  Jacob got offered a new job about 30 minutes before dinner, which will provide a significant salary increase, and so we were celebrating. The margaritas were great.  And the corn and zucchini dish was great; highly recommended.  (You can find the recipe on our Food & Wine Pairing page.)  But the ceviche fell flat.  We went with small scallops, and I’m pretty sure they had been previously frozen, even though the fish market didn’t say so.  Texture was all wrong. 

So I’ve still got that ceviche and margarita craving, but we did have a great dinner.  



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