Chronicles of Lori’s Slim Down Journey – 1st week

Well, I weighed in on Friday and to my surprise I gained ½ pound!  This is why I hate trying to lose weight.  I’m going to rationalize it by saying that the weight I gained is due to muscle weight since I walked 3 times during the week and started to lift weights.

I originally was going to write more often, but I’ve decided to write about once a week.  This way it’s not too boring for you and it will also give me more time to write other things on my blog.  I’m writing this while I’m eating chocolate chips.  Why, you might ask are you eating chocolate chips if you gained ½ pound?  The answer is because I’m craving chocolate and I can weigh the chips on my scale and know how many calories I’m ingesting while soothing my horrible craving.  Today also was Yom Kippur, the day to atone.  Larry and I stayed home and fasted all day (another reason why I feel that I deserve chocolate).  While the chicken for dinner (see recipe below) was cooking dinner we did our closing prayers for the holiday and we broke our fast by dipping apples into honey.  Yum!

Lori’s Sweet Honey Baked Chicken:
I took 2 eggs and ¼ cup of honey and whisked them together in a baking dish.  In another dish I had 4 cups of Natures Path, Organic Flax Plus – Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal that I had bought at the natural food grocery store.  I put the cereal into the food processor and gave it a few clicks.  Some of it was ground and some of it was still whole.  I put it into the dish and added salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder.  Mixed it all up.  Took the cleaned chicken thighs and soaked it in the egg/honey batter turning it several times then placing it in the dish with the cereal.  Tossed the chicken on both sides to make sure that the cereal got all over the chicken.  Then placed the chicken in a different baking dish that was sprayed with Pam.  I placed the chicken in the oven at 400 on convection bake for 45 minutes.  Do not turn the chicken.  It will get nice and crunchy on the top and stay moist on the bottom.  I served this dish with baked sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach with garlic.

Happy New Year!  I hope it’s peaceful, sweet and healthy for you, your family and friends.  

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